Send mass messages with Whatsapp

Create and send a massive WhatsApp campaign in SHIMLI, using a phone connected by QR code.

  1. Marketing selection: In the main menu, select "Marketing". Here you will find all your previous campaigns and the option to create a new one.
  2. New Campaign Creation: Click on "New Campaign" to start creating a new campaign.
  3. Sending Channel Selection: You can choose between several options such as WhatsApp connected by QR code, WhatsApp Business Platform (official Meta connection), and SMS. This video focuses on the WhatsApp QR code connection.
  4. Campaign Setup: Enter a name and optional description for the campaign. Select the recipient list and the connection instance. If you wish, you can segment your contacts and define a specific sending range.
  5. Message Content Creation: You can send text, images, videos, documents, contacts and locations. Customize your messages with fields from your list, such as the contact's name.
  6. File Upload: For images, videos and documents, you can upload files from your computer or enter a URL link.
  7. Campaign Scheduling: Decide whether you want to send the campaign immediately or schedule it for a specific date and time. If you choose to schedule it, specify the time zone and start time.
  8. Monitoring and Analysis: Once the campaign has been sent or scheduled, you will be redirected to the main panel where you will be able to monitor the status of the campaign, the number of contacts that have received and read it, and export the data for more details.
  9. Trial Option: If you want to try the platform before hiring, you can click on the link in the first comment of the video.