Tourism with Artificial Intelligence
and CRM

Tourism is rapidly evolving thanks to technology. The integration of artificial intelligence (AI)-based chatbots with a CRM is revolutionizing the way we interact with customers in the travel industry.

This combination offers more efficient communication, personalization and better data management, leading to enhanced customer experiences and more efficient operations.

Innovation and Efficiency

Improved Efficiency in Reserves and Management

Use cases

Why would you need Shimli?

Studies show that a growing number of travelers, nearly 37%, prefer to consult a virtual assistant to compare travel options and make plans.

Sales and marketing opportunities

They can access real-time information on hotel and flight availability and recommend options to customers based on their preferences.

Post-Travel Interaction for Customer Loyalty

Interact with customers after their trips, collecting feedback and suggesting future destinations, thus fostering loyalty.

Proactive Notifications
on Itinerary

Send notifications of flights, weather conditions, hotel activities or check-in and check-out reminders.

Did you know that 87% of customers say chatbots are effective in resolving their queries?

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