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Connect and manage your conversations via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram and SMS, and launch mass campaigns with global precision.

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WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and Sms.
Send sms with Shimli
WhatsApp with Dialog Flow in Shimli
Calls through Shimli
Conversation flows on Instagram
Push Notification Shimli Agents
Catalog Instagram
Massive WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns
Bulk SMS campaigns
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Centralizes communications

Chats with Artificial Intelligence
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Whatsapp mass mailings
Whatsapp Massive Assets
Omnichannel CRM
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Push notifications on
iOS, Android, Web and
Assets Push NotificationPush Preview
Conversations separated by Areas
Shimli Example Tools
Analyze, visualize and export
Assets for Stats
Conversation history and multimedia
Detect your ads and improve lead conversion

A comprehensive solution
for every industry

Whatsapp Marketing example

Marketing and Communication

Optimize interaction and engagement with your customers, use advanced tools for effective communication.

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Whatsapp for Restaurant

Restaurants and Gastronomy

It offers functionalities such as menu promotion through catalogs, order taking and 24-hour customer support.

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Whatsapp for travel

Travel and Tourism

Shimli facilitates inquiry management, package promotion, ticket booking and proactive communication with customers.

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whatsapp for doctors

Health and Wellness

Enhance patient experiences with automatic appointment bookings, clinical updates, offers.

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Whatsapp for finances

Banking and Finance

He highlights how this tool improves the customer experience and optimizes financial processes.

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Whatsapp for Real State

Real estate

Boost efficiency, streamline management and improve communication with your real estate clients.

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Connect your company
to the world

WhatsApp Channel
53% of people won't contact you if you don't have WhatsApp.
Shimli helps you contact your customers through WhatsApp, applying marketing strategies, surveys and forms without leaving WhatsApp for data collection.
WhatsApp is responsible for 75% of messaging traffic across the internet.
WhatsApp is present in more than 180 countries
Instagram Logo
2 out of 3 respondents say that instagram makes interaction with brands possible.
It allows multiple agents to access instagram conversations from Shimli, as well as track your sales, community and data analytics to better convert leads to sales.
9 out of 10 people who use instagram follow a company.
Turn your Instagram communities into customers.
Facebook logo
3 out of 4 online shopping journeys include at least one visit to a Facebook app.
Keep track of your sales through Shimli, as well as your post-sales communication.
Also connect your Facebook ads and convert your leads into sales.
of online shoppers who use Facebook platforms end up buying the product.
1.91 billion people worldwide access Facebook every day



Use the power of WhatsApp to the fullest, send mass messages, through a WhatsApp Business API account, WhatsApp Business App or from your WhatsApp Personal.


Acquire numbers in multiple countries and make personalized shipments to any country in the world.


Use the power of WhatsApp and SMS to send alerts, purchase updates, OTP, Meetings, among other features.

Whatsapp Marketing


Automate your conversations

Our intelligent bots respond effectively to queries, improving the user experience and reducing the workload of the customer service team, serve more, sell more without hiring more staff.

Manage more customers with less effort

We use advanced artificial intelligence to develop more natural and personalized conversational experiences.

We combine the best of conversational commerce to deliver intuitive and efficient chatbots.

Whatsapp AI


Texts, butons, lists and more...

Leave Google Forms aside! Use the world's most popular messaging platform to apply your forms or surveys from WhatsApp without leaving WhatsApp.

Massive surveys

Upload your lists from Excel, SQL or any database and automatically send them to multiple users, thereby collecting information from each one.

Charts and reports

View and export data submitted by users who interacted with your survey or form.

Form and WhatsApp Surveys


Auto-scale your projects!

Access all your channels through our API, and create unforgettable experiences for your customers.


Client libraries in Node, PHP, Java and more.


Learn how to interact with your channels in our documentation.

Code Editor

Integrate with your favorite platforms

The integration of tools allows you to build a scalable and complete solution.
With Shimli you can connect your Google Forms, build an amazing chatbot with artificial intelligence in DialogFlow and customize your projects with our Webhooks and API.

Also, you can connect your WooCommerce sales system in WordPress and Forms System. You can also connect your WooCommerce sales system in WordPress and Forms System.

Integrations with Shimli AppIntegrations with Shimli App

Shimli Agents

Chat, track and sell from anywhere.

Connect your team with customers

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