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Annually (Save 15%)
Essential functions,
ideal for starters.

Up to 10,000 contacts

3 daily mass mailings

Whatsapp, SMS*.

Sent message reports

Personalized texts

Multimedia: Images, video, documents, audio and contact

CRM Plus
CRM + chatbot with AI for dynamic companies.

1,000 free conversations* 1,000 free conversations* 1,000 free conversations* 1,000 free conversations

10 daily mass mailings

3 Agents + 1 Administrator

Mobile app for agents

Work areas or teams

Unlimited incoming conversations, Whatsapp API

1 Chatbot with Artificial Intelligence + Flow builder

Includes Professional plan


Additional Services

Customize your plan, with extra add-ons

Additional Agents




Messenger / Instagram


for conversation


Access via API to your WhatsApp channels and create amazing applications.
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Personalized advice

Chatsbot tailored to your needs

At Shimli, it is very easy to create your own Chatbot without programming. However, for those looking for more advanced solutions, we offer specialized assistance for specific configurations and integrations.

$ 350.00

Whatsapp AI

Guaranteed quality communication

As direct WhatsApp providers, we strongly recommend the use of the official API for companies with a high volume of communications. This approach guarantees the highest quality and security in messaging, access to advanced features and decreases the risk of blocking.

At Shimli, we follow the WhatsApp model that charges per conversation window, not per message. This window starts with the first message and lasts 24 hours, allowing you to send multiple messages at no additional cost during that time.

** For companies with lower message traffic, we offer a practical alternative through QR connection.
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More questions? some answers

Find quick answers for a smooth experience in Shimli.
Are WhatsApp fees included in the plans?

WhatsApp fees are not included in the Shimli subscription, however, you will be able to top up your WhatsApp credit on our platform. If you exceed 1,000 monthly WhatsApp service conversations, Meta will deduct your WhatsApp credit from the additional conversations that month.

You will need to pay a monthly fee and a WhatsApp messaging fee which is charged per conversation.

Why does WhatsApp charge for the use of its API?

WhatsApp implements a cost for the use of its API as a measure to maintain the quality and efficiency of its service for businesses. This approach is similar to the costs associated with sending SMS messages and ensures that businesses can effectively leverage the platform to communicate with their users.

How do the WhatsApp API conversation windows work?

Instead of charging for each message like SMS, WhatsApp bills for each 24-hour conversation window. This starts with the first message, whether sent by the business or the customer, allowing unlimited exchanges at no additional cost during that period.

If a new message is sent after 24 hours and a second, a new window is opened and charged, starting another 24-hour cycle.

Can I use my current WhatsApp number?

Yes, you can use an existing WhatsApp number. However, before you begin, you must first delete the WhatsApp account linked to that number.

How does the free trial work?

During your 14-day free trial, you can test all of Shimli's features and discover how you can improve your customer service and accelerate your sales. You do not need to provide your credit card details to access the free trial.

How are conversations counted?

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