Create a contact list

Create or upload contact list to SHIMLI

  1. Access to Lists: From the main menu, select "Marketing" and then click on "Lists".
  2. New List Creation: Click on the "New List" button to start creating a new list.
  3. Assign a Name and Description: Assign a name and description to your list for easy identification in the future.
  4. CSV File Upload: Upload a CSV file with the data you wish to upload to the list. Make sure the file is in the correct format.
  5. Required Field Configuration: Indicates which column of the CSV file corresponds to the name and phone number, which are required fields. If you do not have a name column, you can use the same column as the phone number.
  6. Add More Columns: If you need to add more columns to the list, besides the name and phone number, click on the "Add" button and specify the additional information.
  7. Save the List: Once you have configured all the fields, click on the "Submit" button to save the list and upload the data.