Discover the power of SHIMLI
Comprehensive tools for growth.

SHIMLI offers a comprehensive conversational commerce solution, tailored to the dynamic needs of today's market. With a full range of features, we are the perfect tool to improve customer interaction and optimize business operations.

Maximize your performance with our features

Chatbot with
Artificial Intelligence

Automated and personalized assistance

Send effective communications on a large scale with our mass campaigns. Ideal for promotions, service updates, or events, ensuring high engagement and brand visibility.

Flow Builder

Customizable Conversation Flows

Design unique user experiences that guide customers through processes and decisions effectively.


Customer Relationship Management
Customer Relationship Management Simplified

Optimize your customer relationships using our comprehensive CRM. Manage customer information, interaction history, and preferences, facilitating effective follow-up and improving service personalization.

Omnichannel connection

Multi-channel Communication

Deliver a consistent customer experience across all channels. Our omni-channel connection ensures that communication is smooth, consistent and efficient, regardless of the channel used.

Massive campaigns

Broad Reach
and effective communication

Send effective communications on a large scale with our mass campaigns. Ideal for promotions, service updates, or events, ensuring high engagement and brand visibility.

API for developers

Flexibility for product development

Enable developers to expand and customize SHIMLI's capabilities. Our developer API offers flexibility and adaptability for specific business needs.

Surveys and Forms

Instant customer feedback

Design customized forms to collect key customer information. Use them for surveys, registrations, or feedback collection, improving interaction and understanding of customer needs.


Connection with external tools

Connect SHIMLI with other tools and platforms for an omnichannel experience.
Our integrations enable efficient data synchronization and unified customer communication management.


Analysis for informed decisions

Analyze performance with our statistical tools. Measure the impact of your strategies, better understand your audience and make data-driven decisions.

Live Chat Web

Direct interaction on your website

Interact with your website visitors in real time. Our live chat improves customer support and increases the chances of conversion.

Product Catalog

Display products and services
in an attractive way.

Present your offer in an attractive way with our product catalog. Make it easier for customers to view and select products, enhancing the shopping experience.

Voice Conversations with AI

Personalized call contact

Offer a personal touch with the option to make direct AI calls from the Flow Builder. This feature enhances the connection with the customer and is ideal for complex or customized inquiries.

Sending SMS

Effective communication
via SMS

Reach your customers directly on their cell phones with SMS messages. This tool is ideal for important notifications, reminders and direct promotions.

App for Agents

Mobile Tool
for support teams

Give your team a powerful mobile tool to manage interactions anytime, anywhere. Our agent app makes it easy to handle inquiries and improve productivity.

Impactful Statistics in Conversational Commerce and Marketing on WhatsApp

Figures highlight the growing importance and effectiveness of these platforms in transforming commercial interactions and communication with customers.

High opening rate
on WhatsApp
Increase in the use of Chatbots
Growth of conversational commerce
Growth in the use of messaging